2019 Bach Furniture Desk Buying Guide.

Whether you are looking for change in your old office and your idea is to spice it up with some new furniture or you are a startup looking to move into a new office space then you will definitely need to browse through our catalogue of office desks that will enhance your productivity and reduce work strain.

  1. Writing Desks.

These can go anywhere in the office space and even at home if you are setting up a home office. They are open desks with minimal storage and a large top. Writing desks are perfect for placing along a wall or in the middle of a home office floor. This design is better suited for a laptop for office work. The direct, conservative styling works elegantly in nearly any space.

2. Computer Desks.

In an ideal office setting, computer desks are the most practical of all desks. These provide plenty of space for both a computer tower and monitor, as well as storage for any computer accessories, cables, and peripherals you may need.

Key elements include a keyboard tray and large storage area for the CPU.

3. Executive Desks.

This office desk is the ideal CEO office desk. The executive desk is the champion of the office world. With lots of drawer storage and surface area, along with an often massive footprint, these carved wood specimens impart a sense of grandeur and timeless appeal that stands apart from other styles.

4. Corner Desks.

Corner desks are the ultimate solution to the space problem that is puzzling sometimes because of their compact iteration, or a sprawling suite of surface area in their more elaborate configurations. They can provide more desktop space in a smaller area, or a large L-shaped spread, depending on the size you’re aiming for. The best aspect is their ability to provide extra leg room.

5. Modern Office Desks.

This desks have a sleek unique design that will turn heads towards the direction of your desks. The modern desk offers a fresh and creative design that oftens use materials other than wood. These desk are also well optimized to help you have a relaxed day  at the workspace and collaborate well on your work.

If you’d like to purchase a desk from our office desk collection, or you’d like to enquire about commissioning a custom-made office desk furniture(insert link), please get in touch with our team.

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