Picking a kitchen bench top to use is one of the most vital decision homeowners are bound to make. This is because kitchen benchtops are very important in home renovation.One would need to pick material that the family would love years to come for the bench top. Here is a little advise your will need along that journey.

1. Concrete.

Concrete is rumoured to be the next big thing in benchtop materials. It looks sleek and elegant, and it’s surprisingly much more affordable than natural concrete. The thing to worry about with concrete is its porosity. If dark liquids like red wine or coffee are spill and not cleaned up immediately, they might permanently stain your new benchtop. And while concrete has an extremely long lifespan, it’s prone to cracking and chipping.

2.Stone Benchtops.

Stone is arguably the most used material for making beautiful bench tops, with marble being the most used for stones to make kitchen benchtops. With its flawless beauty comes hefty pricing with going upto 250, 000 kshs. There is also engineered stone but it isn’t as good looking as natural stone.

3. Timber.

Timber is not used as much for kitchen benchtops as much as the other materials are used, but it gives the kitchen a unique look and feel when used. Using reclaimed timber is an environmentally friendly and affordable choice. And with a skilled craftsman by your side, you can have your pick of cut, colour, veneer and finish. Hardwood timber is incredibly durable, an ideal surface for meal preparation and easily repaired if chips or blemished do occur.

At Bach Furniture we do exotic kitchen installations. Reach out and talk to our team that will help you on your journey of choosing the ideal kitchen bench top for you.

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