Have you ever felt like your bedroom is small and cramped? And you begun to ponder of how you can make it feel larger, or the type of furniture you need to buy. There is peace and serenity that comes with your furniture fitting seamlessly in your bedroom. Here are tips you should use to buy bedroom furniture from Bach Furnitures

  1. Consider using built-in storage.

One tip that can do wonders for your bedroom space is using inbuilt storage. Buying a bed with inbuilt storage can help save space which can be later used to patch up something else which is more valuable. This way your bedroom is kept decluttered and tidy all the time. At Bach Furnitures we customize bedroom furniture with full storage solutions that you need.

2. Used raised furniture pieces.

Raising your furniture pieces a few inches of the flow gives the room an illusion of more space. It makes the room feel larger. The gap off the floor doesn’t have to be so wide. Three of four inches of the floor works like magic.

3. Don’t buy a bigger bed than you need.

Yea, i know that you are thinking of getting a king-sized bed. But check this out, you could really save on a lot of space by buying a queen size or even smaller and comfier bed. Not to mention a smaller bed is more functional.

Interested in Bach Bedroom Furniture?

If you’d like to purchase a piece from our Bach Bedroom collection or you’d like to enquire about commissioning a custom-made bedroom suite, please get in touch (+254)7 16 465 509 with our team.

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