As a local furniture company, Bach furnitures has invested a lot in the community and the sensitization of good furniture buying education. The reasons behind buying local furniture are so many, as you know, the community grows through local brands. Boosting this local brands leads to growth in the community. But as much as shopping locally helps boost the community, there are many ways it is beneficial to the customer. Let us look at the top three reasons why you should source your furniture locally:

  1. Locally sourced furniture can be customized easily. You would want your couch to be made in a certain way that suits your interior decoration or design. Locally made furniture can be uniquely made and crafted to meet your expectations. Our company, Bach furnitures is also big on creating customized furniture to meet your needs.
  2. Supports the local economy.

Collaborating with local furniture stores and shopping locally helps the local economy to flourish for a lot of reasons. Circulating money in the economy helps boost the local economy. Dollars spent locally are also re-spent locally.

3.  Better Customer Service.

Presale and after sales customer services are essential for customers. Shopping locally increases your customer satisfaction.

And because it’s a local store, you won’t be spending hours on the phone trying to reach someone. Having the ability to pop into a store and receive customer service immediately allows for a much more pleasant shopping experience.

Our community is important to us, and helping revitalise and boost local economy is directly beneficial to the economy. At Bach furnitures we are great and big on supporting local economy.

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