Buying furniture for your home should always be fun and exciting, from browsing pinterest ideas and having a collection to making a custom order of your furniture pieces, and the joy of unwrapping it and fitting it in your living room. Often a times, with insufficient knowledge about the furniture sets you want purchase, you might get the wrong deal. Here are 7 tips for buying furniture from Bach Furniture.

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  1. Buy at the right time
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Furniture prices vary throughout the year. According to the season you will get good deals around holidays and as the year wraps up. But if you want a huge discount deal, wait until Christmas when furniture stores push to clear off the last of their stocked up furniture sets and offer the biggest discounts.


What you are comfortable spending is the determinant of any decoration project, and buying furniture is no exception. Budgeting becomes even more important during the furniture buying experience since large pieces ? sofas, couches, chairs and tables ? are often the most expensive part of any decorating project.

Setting a budget will definitely help you focus on what you can afford. But once you learn how to judge quality, it will also help you find the best values within your price range.


You can only have so much furniture in a room before it starts to feel cramped and awkward. On the other hand, you want to feel your room space is sufficient enough.

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To ensure your new furniture fits your space, needs and personality, take the time to carefully plan or measure each room in your house. Only then can you plan and composit your furniture pieces in your living room in the best way.

4. Don’t rule out used furniture

You can always revamp your old furniture in the house You’ll obviously look for rips, stains, tears, water marks, and scratches, but lift up cushions and look for stains on the inside of couches and chairs. Then you can get your cleaning company to do thorough work on your furniture pieces. Bach furniture will continue with the upholstery from that point.

5. Consider your lifestyle

Your lifestyle determines the color and fabrics that you choose. If you have a dog that climbs on the sofa, go for a fabric that won’t be torn apart in minutes.  If you have kids or pets, stick with dark colors and stain-resistant tough fabrics like linen or tweed.

6.Know the quality of your furniture

Whether you spend 10,000k or 100,000k on a piece of furniture, you need to be sure that it will last. Educate yourself on quality standards before you start scouting around for furniture. There are plenty of books, Web sites and organizations that offer advice on furniture construction.

The knowledge will come in really handy once you are inspecting goods before you buy them in the store.

7. Have fun in process!

Whether you have made up your mind or not about getting that sofa set or tv stand, in the process have so much fun.

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